Pregnancy week 5 to week 8

Pregnancy week 5 to week 8
Let's discover your body and baby development throughout the first trimester of pregnancy.

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5th week of pregnancy

(Baby as big as an orange seed)

Heartbeat is visible in scans

During this week, your baby is as big as an orange seed and you have 35 weeks to go. Your baby heartbeat is visible in scans. It takes a lot more to develop baby growth. All of the major and minor bodily systems such as digestive, circulatory, nervous and so on will start to form as well as organs like lungs, heart and stomach.

Limbs begin to develop

At this moment, limbs begin to develop. This will include the neural tube – the precursor to your baby brains and spinal cord.

6th week of pregnancy

(Baby development at 6 weeks of pregnancy)