What To Do at Home?

What To Do at Home?
What to do at home during this Movement Restriction Order?

None of us can expect that such widespread will happen especially to our country. In just a few months, this virus has managed to suspend many major events, making tourist sites like a ghost town and has made to try out a different way to greet each other.

Our government had announced a restriction movement order effective from 18 March 2020 until 31 March 2020. It is our duty and responsibility to follow the government order to stay at home and at the same time helping to break the chain of the virus.

Here are some of the things that you can do at home:

Learn new recipes

Imagine this, when your partner comes home and witnesses such a nice table setting with pleasant food. Wouldn’t you be happy to hear a good compliment? Of course, you are! This is the time for you to show your skills in cooking and not let those great skills rot away. Even though you are being restricted to go out, you are not restricted to show your perfect skills. Not only they will remember this gesture, but they will cherish this moment forever.

Watching documentaries on Netflix

You can watch any documentaries when you have a lot of time in your hands. This is a fun way for you to educate yourself. Netflix has a different kind of genre. From food, criminal cases and some additional information that will be beneficial for you. What are you waiting for? Now that we have the time, gather up your family and enjoy a documentary!

Read an interesting book

Most of us grew up with reading books, but then life got in the way. Not saying that, reading a food blog, news articles or meme captions are not helpful, but reading a book has its benefits. Reading a book can improve our creative mind, think outside of the box, gather more information on the social world, decrease our grammatical errors and can help us sleep better at night. Those books that you have bought but you don’t have to read, you may do so. Rather than wasting our money on buying but not reading, this is a good time!

Clean up your room

Now that we cannot use “no time” as an excuse not to clean our room anymore, this is the time to get it right. This simple act of cleaning does not only clean your room but your mind as well. Living in a cleanroom can give off a clear state of mind. You will have this positive though and in your peace of mind. For about the hectic life you had before. Treasure this moment when you have it! Tip to clean your room: start with throwing out the trash and watch it compound into a whole spring clean! Let’s do this!


It is time for us to stay healthy because we are not letting this pandemic keep us from looking good! It is also advisable that we clear out our minds during this time of anxiety. There are a lot of exercises we can do, likewise running, push up, body squats, plank and many more. Without we realize it, there are many indoor activities that we can do. Challenge your body and mind with these amazing exercises.

Eating with your family

It’s undeniable that we rarely have much time to spend with our family especially during the working days. To get to know each other and fill out those missing moments. This is one of the most overlooked things we take for granted. Sharing a warm and home-cooked meal with our family. We would not have that much time working while our children are busy with their school days. There is nothing like eating a meal made with love and being in your most comfortable way while chit-chatting about the things that you have missed out. There is nothing like family. Cherished this moment together and do not let it fade away!

No matter how frustrated we are, there is nothing we can do besides staying at home to prevent the virus from spreading any further. And of course, it makes us realize that there are so many things we can do with the family and many things we can’t do because we tend to overwork and forget about getting ‘family time’. This could be a blessing in disguise! We can make most out of it like learning new recipes, catching up with your family or exercising together. Let’s cherish this moment while we can. Let’s keep ourselves productive while keeping Malaysia safe.