Enduring leaking while breastfeeding like a pro..

Enduring leaking while breastfeeding like a pro..
Any breastfeeding mom will share the same feeling. You are out and you can feel a letdown coming on.

Any breastfeeding mom will share the same feeling. You are out and you can feel a letdown coming on. Soon, you will realize that your shirt is wet and there is nothing much you can do about it. Fret not! This is common among breastfeeding mom. If you are producing too much milk in the early days of nursing, make sure to nurse frequently before your breast becomes too full. Also, you may pump your breast if your breast is too full and your baby is not ready to breastfeed. Pumping is enough to make your breast compressible and comfortable but not so much in boosting your milk supply.

A reminder for mom: It is important to relieve the pressure or else you will develop a clogged breast duct or a breast infection. Here are other ways to cope with leaking breasts for you to stay dry and comfortable. Whenever a leaking happens, you can maintain a positive attitude.

Applying pressure
If you feel like a letdown is coming at an inappropriate or awkward moment, you can discreetly be applying pressure to your nipples. You can cross your arms over your breast and press firmly. Another way, cup your chin in your hands and press your forearms into your breast if you are sitting at a table. This may be the most unnatural position, but it can be a quick reflex until you can put in bra pads or return to a private setting.

Nursing pad
Preferably for mom to use a bra that absorbs leaks to help you stay dry and comfortable as well as preventing any embarrassing moments. Mom can buy disposable or cloth pads through the online store. Make sure to change the nursing pad regularly to avoid pad from dampening as bacteria and fungi will grow and will cause soreness or infection.

Always be prepared
If your other breast is always leaking when your baby is nursing on the other, put a cloth over that breast or a nursing pad inside your bra beforehand.

Wear layered clothes
Whenever you want to go out, make sure to bring along some nursing pads and an extra top. You may wear pattern clothes as the wet mark will be less noticeable or wear layered clothes if leaking happens. You can also cover it with a sweater or jacket.

Sense of humour
Leaking can be an embarrassing moment for mom, especially but keep your head up. Many moms have been in your shoes before and they can identify you. To overcome this moment, put a smile on your face, wipe out those awkward looks and enjoy your motherhood journey!

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