Congratulations! A new baby is on the way. Every mom must be feeling excited about this new baby but you can’t help wondering about your toddler, who is breastfeeding as well. Your toddler is eating solid foods and enjoying their sippy cup but they still need to breastfeed.

Mom might be questioning yourself now as you are pregnant and can you still breastfeed? In most cases, you can continue to breastfeed while pregnant and many women are still nursing both their toddler and newborn after birth.

It is not easy, though. Here are some tips that can help you through.


Check with your doctor or midwife

Talk to your doctor or midwife first but breastfeeding while pregnant is not an issue. Though trace of hormones will be found in your breast milk these are not harmful when you are breastfeeding your child. The contractions caused by this hormone are very minor and rarely increasing the chances of miscarriage. Still, there are certain circumstances that your doctor may advise you to wean your child instead. Those are if your pregnancy put you at high risk of miscarriage, pregnant with twins or multiples, experiencing uterine pain or bleeding and you have been advised to avoid sex while pregnant. You should seek your doctor for any advice regarding breastfeeding while pregnant.


Get into a comfortable position

Nursing or pumping requires energy and can be hard at times when you have a baby and pregnant at the same times. Make sure to sit or lie down in a relaxing spot when you are breastfeeding or pumping your breast milk. You will also have extra time to rest and you will get creative to find a comfortable position for you and your little one.


Monitor milk supply

Many moms’ milk supplies will start to decrease around 4 or 5 months after birth, thus it is important to begin incorporating other nutrition into your baby’s diet. If your baby is satisfied after breast milk and they are growing according to your plan, then there is nothing to be concerned. Chatting with your little one doctor or an experienced lactation consultant can be helpful at this time. You can decide the order of your toddler and newborn to breastfeed.


Position to breastfeed

As your belly grows, you may need to find a new position to breastfeed your baby. The old ways of positioning your baby by across your lap won’t work well if when you are nine months pregnant. You may opt for the side-lying position and also your baby will be willing to sit or kneel or even stand beside and nursing. 


Sore nipples care

Sore nipples can be a frequent ailment especially for breastfeeding moms but this soreness can be noticeable if you are expecting and breastfeeding. This is common because breast tenderness is a common symptom of pregnancy. Thus, mom needs to take some extra care for both mental and physical wellness. To reduce the soreness, products like lanolin and hydrogel pads can give so much relief for a breastfeeding mom. So, be sure to stock up!


Opt for another approach

If your toddler always nurses to sleep, mom might want to introduce another approach, so that it will be easier when you have a new baby. You may start by patting your toddler’s back or sing a song while nursing them to sleep. Once your toddler is accustomed to that, you could try to sing or pat before you start breastfeeding. As you are doing this, your toddler may start to fall asleep before you can nurse them. You can ask your partner to take over the singing or patting part or your partner may develop their ways. There is nothing for you to keep nursing your toddler to sleep but sometimes it can come in handy for the baby to relax and doze off.

July 04, 2022 — Shapee Malaysia