Breastfeeding would be a comfortable and pleasing experience for you and your baby starting from day one. Yet, it is also normal for new moms to find nursing uncomfortable or even painful. One of the reasons moms might quit breastfeeding because they find that it is too painful to tolerate. But you don’t have to! A painful or uncomfortable feeling during breastfeeding means that something is not right. It might be because of your baby’s latch, recurring sore nipples or just boredom. Don't force yourself! If you suffer from severe pain, make sure to ask your doctor or a lactation consultant for help in pinpointing and solving the problem.


1. Support your body

Before you start feeding your baby, YOU needs to be comfortable. Make sure you choose a chair or a couch with plenty of support for your back and arms.

After that, put your feet up either on a coffee table or propped up on a footstool or a stack of pillows.

If you prefer nursing in your bed, be sure to use plenty of pillows. Whatever position is comfortable to you, remember to bring your baby to your breast instead of you hunching or bending toward your baby.

2. Support your breasts 

Your breast will naturally be heavier while you are breastfeeding because you are producing breast milk after all! You might need to support them as well.

Once mom is comfortable and ready to breastfeed, cup your breast with the palm of your hand.

The way to hold it, your four fingers should be underneath your breast and your thumb should rest above your nipple, opposite of your baby’s nose. This position is called C-Hold.

making breastfeeding comfortable
C-Hold position, where you support your breast during feeding​​

3. Keep Trying

There are a lot of breastfeeding positions that you can try to make your breastfeeding comfortable. If you haven't found the way yet, don't worry much! Instead, you should keep trying until you find the solution. Just like when you are discovering or learning something new, breastfeeding also works that way & it takes a lot of practice. It won’t be long before it feels like a natural thing to you.  

Comfortable Breastfeeding or latching position
Side lying or football hold. Have you try it?​​
Comfortable Breastfeeding or latching position
Laid back or cradle position. Have you try it?​​

4. Support your baby

Your baby will have their best latch and nurse efficiently if your baby is comfortable as well. Whichever breastfeeding position you choose, please make sure that your little one is comfortable.

The position of your baby should be at the same height as your breast and nipple with their mouth directly opposite your nipple.

If you get tired while breastfeeding, try using a pillow or a folded blanket to help support yours. A nursing pillow is an ideal solution for breastfeeding moms as it sits in your lap and wraps around your body comfortably. Usually, Nursing Pillow is designed to be ergonomic where moms can use it starting from pregnancy to baby's first year. Nursing Pillow provides a stable surface to position your baby at the breast. It will lift the baby up to your breast instead of you hunching over to your baby. Not only it is comfortable for the baby, it will also help to reduce the neck, back and arm strains from holding the baby for a long time during feeding.

Right body posture during breastfeeding
Nursing Pillow e​​ncourage proper latching & feeding
Nursing Pillow usage starting from pregnancy
Versatile use ideal for mom & baby's ​​first year!

Cheers for a comfortable breastfeeding & bonding time!

Shapee Nursing Support Pillow for a comfortable breastfeeding experience:

  • Hypoallergic microfibres filling: A natural anti dust, mite and bacteria. Ideal for sensitive skin or prone to allergy. Keep mold and dust at bay. Thus, reducing the allergy reactions. 
  • Ergonomic design: Ideal to support mommy & baby

    - Support any feeding style such as cradle, cross-cradle, football, or even bottle-feeding.

    - Support through baby’s first year (tummy time, propping & sitting).

  • Snug fit design: Stretchable U-shaped design to hug the body while feeding.  

  • Pillow case made of 100% cotton

July 03, 2022 — Shapee Malaysia