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Any breastfeeding mom will share the same feeling. 

You are out and you can feel a letdown coming on. Soon, you will realize that your shirt is wet and there is nothing much you can do about it. 

Fret not! breast milk leaking is pretty common among breastfeeding moms. You must have a good pumping and feeding routine to be blessed with abundant breast milk! 😉 


Some moms might experience over-abundant breast milk.  If you are one of them, you might be feeling frustrated and embarrassed as the breast milk leaks on your shirt especially when you are in public. 

If you are producing too much milk in the early days of nursing, make sure to nurse frequently before your breast becomes too full. If your breast is full but your baby does not show the sign of hungry, you may express the breast milk using the breast pump. This will not only avoid breast milk leaking but also will avoid more complications.

Pumping is enough to make your breast compressible and comfortable but not so much in boosting your milk supply. A reminder for mom: It is important to relieve the pressure or else you will develop a clogged breast duct or a breast infection. 

Coping with breast milk leaking. 

Whenever breast milk leaking happens, you can maintain a positive attitude if you apply any of these tips:

  •  Applying pressure 

If you feel like a letdown is coming at an inappropriate or awkward moment, you can discreetly apply pressure to your nipples. You can cross your arms over your breast and press firmly. 

Another way, cup your chin in your hands and press your forearms into your breast if you are sitting at a table. This may be the most unnatural position, but it can be a quick reflex until you can put in bra pads or return to a private setting.

  • Wearing a nursing pad

Sometimes, when the breast milk is overabundant, it will leak on your shirt too. It is important for breastfeeding moms to always have a backup plan whenever they are going out. Wearing a nursing pad in your bra is actually an effective way to avoid the embarrassment of breast milk leaking on the cloth. As breastfeeding or pumping moms, you will need to be extra alert on this matter- keeping extra nursing pads in your bag as a spare is recommended to avoid this unexpected incident to happen. 

Nowadays, there is a lot of nursing pads type on the market. Whether it is a disposable or a reusable type. 

Washable Nursing Pad
Washable Nursing Pad by Milkee Lab​​

Washable Nursing Pad

Suitable for moms with low to medium breast milk leaking. Investing in Washable Nursing Pads is not only a one-time investment, but it is also environmentally friendly since it can be reused and washable. 

  • Environmentally & pocket friendly 

For some people, purchasing disposable nursing pads can cost a pretty penny as they need to invest in them every month. Changing the nursing pads to washable ones could save a lot of money & reduce wastage. 

  • Softer & comfier

Some mamas find washable nursing pads to be softer and comfier compared to disposable nursing pads as it is made of cloth. 

If you have a sensitive nipple, you may try a washable nursing pad instead. 

  • Made of bamboo fibers.  

Since ancient times, clothes have been made using bamboo fibers. It is highly breathable and good at wicking away moisture. It is usually used in producing towels, blankets and, even garments! 

Hence, using bamboo fibers as the inner layer of the Washable Nursing Pad is one of the best options. They can quickly absorb the excess breast milk and wick away moisture. 

If you prefer washable nursing pads, check them out here

Disposable Nursing Pad

Suitable for moms with medium to high breast milk leaking. Although Disposable Nursing Pads cost more compared to Washable Nursing Pads, it is quite effective in combating breast milk leaking. 

  • Ultra Water Absorbent

Absorb up to 55ml of breast milk. 55ml is almost equivalent to 3 tablespoons of breast milk. 

  • Honeycomb design

A contoured shape that ensures a comfortable and discreet fit even when wet. It will scatter the breast milk evenly thus, keeping your breast area dry. 

If you would like to try Disposable Nursing Pads, check them out here.  

Ultra water absorbency
Disposable Nursing Pads with honeycomb design ​​
honeycomb design disposable nursing pad
Honey Comb Design ensure faster drying by distributing the breast milk up to the core​​
  • Always be prepared

If your other breast is always leaking when your baby is nursing on the other, put a cloth over that breast or a nursing pad inside your bra beforehand.

  • Wear layered clothes

Whenever you want to go out, make sure to bring along some nursing pads and an extra top. You may wear pattern clothes as the wet mark will be less noticeable or wear layered clothes if leaking happens. You can also cover it with a sweater or jacket.

  •  Sense of humor

Leaking can be an embarrassing moment for mom, especially but keep your head up. Many moms have been in your shoes before and they can identify you. 

To overcome this moment, put a smile on your face, wipe out those awkward looks and enjoy your motherhood journey!

July 04, 2022 — Shapee Malaysia