As a breastfeeding mom that has to go through quite a lot of daily activities, milk storage bags would come in handy when you need to store the milk you have expressed while on the go. 

The first thing you need to care about is its hygiene of it! Not only to ensure your baby gets the right nutrients but also to keep your little ones safe. ❤️ 

Here are some tips about milk storage bags that you should know before using them!  

Can it be reused?

It is meant to be a one-time usage. After usage, the bags are not hygienic anymore, and thus should be thrown away. Using a dirty Milk Storage Bag not only makes the breast milk spoiled easily, but it is also dangerous for your baby! 

Do I need to wash Milk Storage Bags before use?

There’s no need to wash them as they are created as a time-saving option. Hence, it is pre-sterilized and some are designed with a seal before you start pouring breast milk, to keep the bags hygienic before use.


How many Milk Storage Bags do I need daily?

There's no exact answer to this! It all depends on how much your body can produce per day & how frequently you pump. So, the first thing you need to check is how much breast milk you can produce on average. 

Some moms may be blessed with lots of breast milk. Thus, she will need more than 6 Milk Storage Bags daily. In general, mommy can prepare at least 6 Milk Storage Bags in your pumping bag when you go out for the day. You can also include a few extras just in case it gets leaked or dirty. 

Choosing the best Breast Milk Storage Bag

Keep a few things in mind when you're shopping for Milk Storage Bag:

  • Food-grade plastic:

It is important to know what plastic the brand is using. Find a BPA Free & BPS Free material with no chemical smell. Most importantly, it is freezer safe.

  • Hygiene & safety features:

Having a sealing notch that you have to remove prior to use ensures it is not contaminated & ready to use. For extra caution, a double zipper Milk Storage Bags can keep the breast milk from leaking. 

  • Flexible for easy storage:

A gusset bottom design is the best when you need a flexible Milk Storage Bag. They lay flat when stored & standing stably when pouring the breast milk.

You may consider Milkee Lab Milk Storage Bag as it meets all the above characteristics. Besides that, Milkee Lab Milk Storage Bag is designed to make it convenient for on-the-go mamas. 

  • You don't need a marker to write the details. Any type of pen will do including a point ball pen.
Milkee Lab Milk Storage Bag
Write on using any type of pen or marker​​
  • Designed with Thermal Sensor to indicate the right thawing water temperature when defrosting your breast milk. Simply put your Milk Storage Bag in a bowl of water/ warmer. The 2 smiley symbols will change their colour if the water (in the bowl) temperature is too cold/ too hot for your breast milk. 

June 22, 2022 — Shapee Malaysia