Are you fully prepared to meet your little one after 40 weeks carrying them everywhere? We can smell your excitement Mommy! 

Every mom is different and you might have your own preferences when it comes to the expectations during labor. You will be receiving advice from a lot of people and it can be confusing. Some of you might have a hospital checklist of the preparations before going to the hospital and some might prefer to not have a hospital checklist at all. 

Regardless of your preferences, it's good that you are aware of what is going to happen when you are about to give birth. It is also okay to feel nervous & anxious as you will welcome new family members! We will help you organize your maternity and baby supplies with a hospital checklist, so you have it all ready to go when you arrive at the hospital.

Signs you need to start prepare

The signs of going into labor for every mom are various. For cautious, the earliest a preterm or premature baby can be born is around 23 to 28 weeks which means in the third trimester or last stage of pregnancy. These signs can differ depending on mommies. Hence, you need to be aware and be prepared with a hospital checklist in the second trimester as only mom knows your own body. 

• Dropping (Lightening)

Symptom that the baby drops lower into the mother’s pelvis is when you feel the need to urinate more frequently than usual. This is because the baby changed its position and put pressure on your pelvis and bladder.

This sign can happen 2 to 4 weeks before delivery or even earlier.

• Braxton Hicks

A Braxton Hicks is a mild and irregular contraction that occurs during the 3 to 4 weeks before delivery. Sometimes, people call it a false contraction. As you are getting closer to the due date, the contraction might feel stronger and frequent. The symptom will be a mild cramping on your lower abdomen. 

Note that Braxton Hicks is not a real contraction and not every mom will experience this. It can be unnoticeable as well.

• Losing mucus plug (Bloody show)

Mucus plug is a group of mucus that forms in the cervical canal during pregnancy. It blocks the opening of your cervix to protect the baby from bacteria and infection. Why is it also called a “bloody show”? It's because the vaginal discharge will look like a thick mucus tinged with blood, but it can be clear and colourless sometimes.

Mucus plug can occur anytime, even hours before delivery. 

• Water breaking

Water breaking is often shown in the movie. I’m sure every pregnant mom thought that they would experience this in a dramatic way but in reality it is actually not. Some will experience a slow trickle of water and some might experience it right before the baby is born. 

However, water breaking is still one of the signs that you must rush to the hospital quickly. Make sure to have your hospital checklist so you won’t leave any important things at home.

• Real contraction

Mommy can be confused between real contraction and false contraction. The symptoms might be the same but it is actually NOT! The real contraction is a sign your little one is ready to see the world! Here is how you can differentiate between real and false contraction:

Real Contraction vs False Contraction

Plan your birth

When planning your birth experience, there are many things to take into consideration. One of those things is what time or day you would like to give birth. Another thing is if you would like an epidural or not. The third thing is if you would like a C-section or not and lastly, who will be in the room with you during labor and delivery?

This way when it's time for labor and delivery there is no question about anything and everything has already been planned out so this momentous event will go smoothly and according to plan!

• How you want to deliver

Some moms want to decide the date for the baby to be born. Which means if the chosen date had arrived and the baby still won’t come out, they can opt for C-section. 

Usually Mommy will let your baby choose their own birth date by expecting normal delivery. 

• Where to give birth

For normal delivery, you may never know when you will be giving birth. Hence planning which hospital, home or birth center to welcome your baby can be convenient for you and your family.  

• Who will be your birth partner

Mommy will be more anxious and nervous as the time gets closer. You may want someone to accompany you in the delivery room. It can be your husband, partner, friend or your family members.  

• Feed the baby after birth

Whichever way of feeding the baby after birth that Mommy chooses, you won’t have to feel guilty. Some women decided not to breastfeed the baby after a while. Either you choose to breastfeed or formula feed, you still need to include feeding essentials in the hospital checklist.  

• Move a lot

Exercises and moving a lot before the delivery will help Mommy to ease their pain as the baby keeps on changing its positions. Those things also help Mommy to cope with their feelings of worrying and anxiety. Mommy can also find the best position that can lessen the pain while delivering the baby.  

Hospital Checklist

Getting ready for the big day is a big deal. We're here to help you get your hospital checklist in order, so you can focus on getting the most out of your babymoon.

With a hospital checklist, you can ensure that you have everything in hand so your delivery experience will be as smooth and comfortable as possible. This is also to make sure that moms and baby essentials are fully prepared before the delivery. 

As a reminder, you can start preparing the hospital checklist starting from your 2nd trimester. Whether you're having a natural birth or an elective C-section, a hospital checklist will help you to be fully prepared for delivery.

Hospital Checklist

Just download our handy checklist, print it out (or save it on your phone), and check off each item as you pack it up. This way, when you're packing up for delivery day, you'll be able to rest easy knowing that every single thing on this list has been ticked off.

Ask Around

Pregnancy is not only a 9-months journey but it is actually more than that. When a mom already knows that there will be a human inside their stomach, that means it will be a whole new journey for the mom. Especially for a first time mommies, you need to make sure that you have the full knowledge of pregnancy, say it traditional or medical, both are important to ensure that you and your baby will be safe.

For start, you can ask any of your family members who is a mother as well, it can be your mom, aunt or even your grandmother! You can also ask for your friends' experiences in pregnancy if you are embarrassed with your family.

While a pregnancy mom will be having a check up every month, it is good to ask your doctor about something you are not sure. A doctor will give you the most facts and truth about pregnancy knowledge to be compared with the traditional one. The traditional pregnancy knowledge could be a myth. 

Lastly, you can search for yourself from the internet or books. The knowledge and opinion from there could be various and wise, you can choose which is better for your body and the baby as well.

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September 22, 2022 — Filda K.