Hi mommies! You’ve just done something amazing and brought a new life into this world ! 💖  However, please do not be stressed about getting your pre-baby body back just after giving birth, please be kind to yourself and give your body some time ! 

Every mother deserves to stay as beautiful as they are before they have a baby. There have been many cases in which most married women tend to be afraid of getting pregnant because they are worried that pregnancy causes their body to be out of shape. In today’s society, most girls cherish and maintain their body shape, thus more and more mothers pay attention to body shaping after baby delivery. But what is the effective way to reshape the body after giving birth?

When mommies have got enough rest (slowly, please), mommies could think about belly binding. This procedure is intended to make postpartum recovery a little simpler and may also fasten the body's healing process.

What is a belly wrap ?

Belly binding has actually been practised for decades, despite it becoming famous on social media within these few years. In short, belly wrapping includes a wrapping material such as cloth around the abdomen. The material is usually wrapped tightly and helps to provide support and keep the abdomen in place.

Why belly wrap is important ?

Belly wrapping is significant for the postpartum stage because pregnancy changes the body and it can take time to recover. Hence, it is encouraged for the mothers to use a postpartum belly wrap after having a baby in order to ease the burden of the muscles.

Moreover, studies show that belly wraps or binders may help with reducing pain and healing after a Caesarean section. Belly wrap might also help support the organs and muscles as the wrap assists in moving back organs and muscles into the original place before having a baby. 

Benefits of wearing belly wrap in the postpartum stage

Postpartum belly wraps are also called a belly band or belly binder. According to the suggestion of the doctor, belly wrap is extremely important for the women who just deliver a baby because there are many beneficial outcomes for mommies if they bind after the abdominal surgery, including the Caesarean section. 

There are many benefits of using the after-birth belly wrap. Which includes:

  1. Relieve pain

  2. Help mommies to move 

  3. Help increase blood flow

  4. Help muscles and incision heal

  5. Lower swelling from surgery

  6. Help with correct posture

  7. Supporting the pelvic floor

Mommies’ organs move and change during pregnancy to make room for a growing baby. During pregnancy, hormones also make the pelvic floor muscles relax. This could cause mommies to leak urine after having a baby. 

Using a postpartum belly wrap can offer some compression to gently hold the muscles in place as mommies’ bodies heal.

When to start wearing belly wrap ?

Before using a belly wrap, mommies need to make sure that it is the right time to use the belly wrap. When mommies begin belly binding, it depends on what are the methods which mommies gave birth and the binding method mommies plan on using.

If mothers are planning on using the bengkung belly binding method and giving birth vaginally, the mommies can use it right away.

If mommies deliver via Caesarean section, the mothers should wait until the incision is healed and dried before applying belly wrap.

So, which belly wrap should I choose? There are many belly wraps available out there.

Do not know which belly wrap to choose in the market? Let us introduce an affordable and good quality belly wrap for you dear mommies! 

Shapee Belly Wrap Plus+ is a good choice for the mommies who are in the postpartum stage. This particular belly wrap is an ideal product for mommies because its features are specially designed to fulfil the needs of the mommies. 

Features of Shapee Belly Wrap Plus +

1. Breathable Material

The material which is used to make Shapee Belly Wrap Plus+ is a breathable material. By using this kind of fabric, the belly wrap will not be likely to cause mommies to experience itchiness, rashes and other skin problems. It is because the breathable fabric prevents overheating. Besides that, it also boosts the body's natural thermo-regulation, hence allowing air to circulate keeping the body fresh, which is especially important for the mommies who live in a tropical country.

2. Flexible Velcro Design

Shapee Belly Wrap Plus+ design comes with the velcro tape, so mommies can measure the tightness of the belly wrap on their own. With the Velcro design, it provides more flexibility for the users.  

3. Fine Elastic Material

The material that has high elasticity of this particular belly band will not let the postpartum mommies to experience difficulty breathing, pain, pressure, digestion problems and so forth.  

4. Triple Compression Design

Shapee Belly Wrap Plus+ is designed to have triple compression, hence it is effective to wrap the postpartum belly and reshape mothers’ bodies. Furthermore, it allows the mothers to gain instant slimming with the powerful compression of Shapee Belly Wrap Plus+.

5. Built in Silicon Support

The built in silicon support in Belly Wrap Plus+ gives mommies’ bodies external cues to encourage good posture. Belly wraps promote good posture and prevent overextension of the lower back by supporting the torso and lower back. Pregnancy-related "swayback" is caused by the excess weight borne in front of the body as well as stretching and weakening of the core muscles that support the spine. Hence, wearing Shapee Belly Wrap Plus+ provide proper support and encourage mothers to have good body posture. Eventually, a good body posture will lessen the chances of having sore backs.

6. V-shaped design

The specially V-shaped design of Shapee Belly Wrap Plus+ is designed to prevent the stomach from getting too much pressure while wearing the belly wrap.

Safety Tips for Belly Wrapping

Not everyone wants to wear a belly wrap during the postpartum period. There are several things mommies should consider: 

  The best way to wear a postpartum belly wrap:

  •  Start at the hips and wrap up with a belly wrap that has elasticity. 

  The improper way to wrap will:

  •  Put strain on the pelvic floor, which can lead to prolapse.

📌 Takeaway notes:

  • Do not wear a belly wrap all day long. 

  • The abdominal muscles may weaken and become more troublesome if wearing a wrap for an extended period of time. 

  • Wearing tight garments shouldn't be done frequently.

  • Avoid wearing cinchers, corsets, or trainers. These stiff, constrictive materials are dangerous for postpartum mommies to wear.

It takes 9 months for pregnant bodies to change, and the process involves not only weight gain to grow a human, but also the rearrangement of organs!

So it’s not healthy or realistic to expect the body to go back immediately to normal after giving birth. It’s not worth making unhealthy choices and treating the body unkindly in the name of postpartum weight loss, so have patience with yourself beautiful mommies! 🙌