Hye, mummies! Welcome to your second-trimester stage. How do you feel, right now? Happy, worry or nervous about getting a baby especially for first-time, mummies? Well, hoping that every mummy is doing great. Let’s explore together about your baby development for this month.


14th week of pregnancy

Baby is as big as a navel orange

The sexual organ in place, fingerprints visible. Hello, mummies, for this week, your baby is as big as a navel orange and size in 9 -10 cm, 57 g. You have 26 weeks to go until your delivery. Baby's sexual organ is in place and their fingerprints are visible. Your baby’s already showing their individuality. Their tiny little fingers are getting their unique fingerprints. Girls will have ovaries, while boys will have sperm production. Their sex organs have developed inside their body. Although it has been fully developed, it is still hard to distinguish through an ultrasound. 

You may experience blocked nose due to extra blood supply. The cause of blocked nose because the mucous membranes swell and soften and will lead to a stuffy nose. The constant blowing and sneezing produces occasional nosebleeds. Besides, mummies will also develop a post-nasal drip, which can cause coughing or gag at night frequently. A reminder for mummies, always take care of yourself and seek a doctor immediately if you sense or feel something unusual and uncomfortable.


15th week of pregnancy

Baby is as big as pear

Welcome on board mummies on your 15th week of pregnancy. Your baby at this week is as big as a pear and 10 cm, 71 g. This week, you will experience swollen or bleeding gum. Your gums are more sensitive since you are pregnant. You might want to change to a softer toothbrush. This will help to alleviate the bleeding and consult with your dentist if symptoms persist. Just don’t forget to do your daily routine of brushing, flossing and visiting your dentist every six months.


16th week of pregnancy

Baby is as big as an avocado

Hello there, mummies. During this week, your baby now is as big as an avocado. Your baby size is 10 - 13 cm, 0.09 – 0.11 kg and has another 24 weeks to go. Your baby limbs and joint will develop during this week and they can move their entire joint and without you knowing they are already practicing moving around in your womb. Baby can hear your voice. Those tiny bones are developing on your baby’s ears. Your baby can hear your voice and they will recognize it at birth. So feel free to talk or sing to your baby! Just talk!


17th week of pregnancy

Baby is as big as a large onion

You are now reaching 17 weeks of pregnancy! Yayyy! You might be wondering about the growth of your baby. Well, don’t worry. Here is some information about your baby development. This week, your baby is as big as a large onion. Your baby is measuring 13 cm and weighing 0.14 kg. Moreover, your baby umbilical cord is getting longer and thicker. It will be strong enough to keep up with all the demands of the second half of pregnancy. The umbilical cord is like a lifeline from mom to baby. It has a vein that carries blood filled with oxygen and nutrients to the baby. Plus, it has two arteries that send all the waste back to the placenta. 

Besides, your baby is also practicing sucking and swallowing to get ready for the outside world. Those practicing are for them in preparation at getting milk from the breast or the bottle. Some babies even begin to suck their thumbs in the womb. Most of the survival reflexes your baby has at birth are being perfected in the uterus right now. Practice makes perfect! 

Fingerprints are forming. Yes, your baby fingerprints are starting to form. By next week, the pads on your baby’s fingerprints and toes will form with their individuality. It will be shown to you later once they are born. Be patient mummies as time will come eventually!


July 05, 2022 — Shapee Malaysia
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