Yay!!!! You have another 2 months to go! Mummies must be feeling excited, right? Cannot wait to meet your newborn. It won’t be that long before you finally get to see them. Before that, let’s learn a little bit of your baby development. Let’s explore!

27th week of pregnancy

During 27 weeks of pregnancy, your baby is as big as cabbage and your baby measures 37 cm and weighs about 0.91 kg. Mummies can expect to experience baby’s hiccups as the baby will make a sudden jump or flinches in your belly. Although it seems like those hiccups are disturbing them, they are not stressed at all. It’s just one more sensation for the babies to get used to. 

Also, mom will experience constipation during pregnancy because of infrequent bowel movements. This is because the hormone progesterone slows down your digestion and your growing uterus is putting pressure on your rectum. To alleviate this symptom from persisting, try eating more fiber, drink lots of water and recommended to take a walk. You may ask your doctor or healthcare provider for a remedy that may help. 

Fun fact: Most umbilical cords are around 20 inches long.


28th week of pregnancy

1) Baby brains start to develop

Welcome to the third trimester! At 28 weeks of pregnancy, your baby is as big as a head lettuce. Your baby measures 38 cm and weighs about 1 kg. This stage, baby brains start to develop. We have been talking about your baby bones and organs but now, here comes the best part, brain neuron development. The central nervous system allows your baby to begin control his body temperature.

2) Baby start to dream

This week, your baby may start to dream about you. The brain wave activity measured in developing fetus shows different sleep cycles, including rapid eye movement. They are sleeping and even dreaming about you. This is such exciting news, especially for mummies! Yay!!!!!

29th week of pregnancy

1) Mom can count the baby kick

Your little one is ready to meet! She is starting to gain weight rapidly. Your baby is measuring 39 – 41 cm and weighs about 1.1 – 1.4 kg. That is about the size of the head cauliflower. Mom can count the baby kick as the baby is getting stronger and excitedly responding to all sorts of stimuli. It includes movement, sounds, light and food that you have eaten. Your baby changes position from time to time and it is time for mummies to do the counting to make sure the baby is doing fine.

2) Baby getting more ‘fats’

Other than that, the baby also getting more fat under the skin surface to make it less wrinkled and their skin is smoothing out. Plus, there are two types of fat which are white fat and brown fat. White fat serves as an energy source like mummies while brown fat is necessary for body temperature regulation.

30th week of pregnancy

1) Baby’s lung getting stronger

Mummies, you have reached 30 weeks of your pregnancy. This week, your baby is as big as a bunch of broccoli, measuring 41 cm and weighs about 1.4 kg. The baby’s lungs are getting stronger as they are preparing for their first breath. But, they may still need help with their breathing if they are born before 36 weeks. Those lungs are getting together and stronger! In no time, you will meet your little one!

2) Baby’s brain grow

Not only lungs that are getting stronger but, their brain is growing as well. Before this, its surface was smooth, but now your baby’s brains are taking on those characteristics grooves and indentations. Those wrinkles that appear allow for an increasing amount of brain tissue. It is necessary for your baby to prepare to develop once they are born. Who does not want a smart child, right? Everyone does! Those brains have already developed since in the womb!

3) Baby starts making own red blood cells via bone marrow

Another big change that your baby has developed is bone marrow. This week, the baby starts making its own red blood cells via bone marrow. Previously, tissue groups and then spleen took care of producing the blood cells. Now, bone marrow has taken over the process and this is an important step for your baby. Having bone marrow will enable your baby to thrive on her own once they are born.

July 05, 2022 — Shapee Malaysia
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