Welcome to last month of your pregnancy!
Mummies, must be feeling excited, right? Finally, mummies can meet with your newborn! Yay! Before that, let’s get to know a little bit about your newborn. Here is a sneak little peak before they are born! What are we waiting for? Let’s look together!

35th week of pregnancy

1) Baby’s kidneys and liver start to work

Welcome to 35 weeks of pregnancy, mummies. Your baby is becoming plumper by the day and becoming a bit like honeydew lemon in size this week. The baby measures about 46 cm from head to heel. From this onward until they are born, he or she won’t get much longer but keep on plumping up. Your baby now weighs about 2.4 kg and will put on more baby fat before you meet him or her. This week, your baby’s kidneys and liver are starting to work. They are in working order and starting to process.


2) Your baby starts to gain weight.

Also, your baby starts to gain weight as they will pack on baby fat, including large amounts of baby fat up until the delivery day. Meaning that your once skinny arms and legs baby is getting quite plump by now. They are irresistibly plumper, squeezable soft. They are getting ready for your cuddles and to be held in your arms! Baby will be born with a soft skull to aid the birthing process Nevertheless, your baby will be born with a soft skull to aid the birthing process. The skulls will remain soft to allow your baby to squeeze more easily through the birth canal. You will meet them in no time!


36th week of pregnancy

1) Eating and breathing will be easier as the baby ‘drops’ 

Time is flying! You’ve reached 36 weeks of pregnancy without you realize it! Your baby will arrive at any time soon and try to put in your final preparing at 36 weeks of pregnancy. At 36 weeks of pregnancy, the baby is as big as a papaya, measuring about 46 – 48 cm and weigh about 2.7 kg. This time, mummies eating and breathing will be easier as the baby ‘drops’. This is also known as “lightening”, thus mummies can breathe and eat comfortably. Blood flow/ immunity system is ready for birth Plus, baby blood flow or immunity system is ready for birth. Their blood circulation is fully up and running. The baby’s immune system has developed enough to protect them from any infections once they are born. Baby is still considered premature Besides, if your baby is born, the baby is still considered premature. They are not full-term yet. Even if they are born, they would be able to suckle and their digestive system is ready for breast milk. After 37 weeks though, the baby is considered to be at full-term.

37th week of pregnancy

1) Baby head-down position

At 37 weeks of pregnancy, the baby is the size of romaine lettuce. Baby measures about 48 cm and weighs about 2.9 kg. A baby is gaining weight day by day. This time, the baby is in a head-down position. If your baby position is feet down or side-lying, a doctor may ask you to do ECV or external cephalic version, hopefully, to flip the baby into position. Your baby is practising for birth So, what is keeping your baby busy every day while waiting to be delivered? Well, they are practising all day. Yes, your baby is practising for birth to make his or her big debut. They are simulating breathing by inhaling or exhaling amniotic fluid. Also, sucking his thumb, blinking and pivoting from side to side. Sometimes, mum might feel his bottom on the left, another time flip around on the right!

37 weeks is considered as full-term

Did you know that 37 weeks is considered as an early term for a baby? Although they are close to due date they are not considered “full term” until they have reached week 39. Your baby is almost fully developed and needs just two more weeks for brain and lung development. If they are born this week, they are more likely to need help than they are born at 39 weeks.

38th – 40th week of pregnancy

1) Cervix will be dilated at 10 cm at the time of delivery

Welcome to the end of the week, mummies! You are almost at the delivery stage, mummies. Your baby is as big as a small pumpkin. A baby measures 48 – 56 cm and weighs about 3.2 – 4.1kg. This week, your cervix will be dilated at 10 cm at the time of delivery. When your cervix has reached this stage, it is time for you to start pushing your baby out. You will meet your baby,
soon! Finally, you are able to meet your fruit of love!

July 04, 2022 — Shapee Malaysia