Pregnancy Journey

Hello Mummies!Excited to know more during your second month of pregnancy!You might be wondering what is happening during your second month of pregnancy, right?Don’t worry as more information will be given to you. Let’s find out more! 

5th week of pregnancy

(Baby as big as an orange seed)

Heartbeat is visible in scans

During this week, your baby is as big as an orange seed and you have 35 weeks to go. Your baby heartbeat is visible in scans. It takes a lot more to develop baby growth. All of the major and minor bodily systems such as digestive, circulatory, nervous and so on will start to form as well as organs like lungs, heart and stomach.

Limbs begin to develop

At this moment, limbs begin to develop. This will include the neural tube – the precursor to your baby brains and spinal cord.

6th week of pregnancy

(Baby development at 6 weeks of pregnancy) 

(Baby as big as a sweet pea) 

Baby vital organs are developed

Your baby is as big as sweet pea and the size of your baby is around 0.51-0.64 cm. At this stage, all baby vital organs are developed. Your baby’s heart has started to beat. You may be able to see the so-called thump-thump on ultrasound this week.

(Baby at this week) 

Increase breast size

Apart from that, the size of your breast will increase and do not fret when it happens. During this time, your breast is likely ultrasensitive and tender. These are the common symptoms that will happen throughout your pregnancy. Well, mummies, the good news is, your breast will continue to grow but will stop hurting once you have entered the second trimester. Even better, your breast will return to normal once you have delivered.  Piece of advice, wear your most comfortable bra to avoid soreness.

Feeling exhaustion

Your hormones begin to ‘kick in’ leading to exhaustion as you are carrying a baby. Most importantly, listen to your body. Take a break if you feel like doing so. If you can, do small exercises like yoga or brisk walk and it will help you to sleep better. Remember; do not push yourself over the limit.

7th week of pregnancy

(7 weeks of pregnancy development) 

(Baby as blueberry size) 

The brain begins to develop

You are 7 weeks pregnant and you have 33 weeks to go!

For your information, your baby is as big as blueberry and the size of your baby is 0.64cm. Yay! Your baby’s brain begins to develop. Those brain new cells are generated at a rate of 100 per minute. How’s that sound for a genius? Besides, your baby’s arms and legs begin to sprout and grow longer and stronger. Though the limb buds look like paddles than hands or feet at this early stage.

(Baby arms and legs begin to sprout- Isn

(Baby arms and legs begin to sprout- Isn’t cute??) 

Embryo stage

Your baby also got a kidney at this stage to waste management. But don’t worry mummies; you don’t have to change their diaper, yet. Nonetheless, your baby is still an embryo at this stage. You got this, mummies!

(Baby at embryo stage)

(Baby at embryo stage) 

8th week of pregnancy

(8 weeks of pregnancy development) 

(Baby as big as raspberry)

(Baby as big as raspberry) 

Baby becomes a fetus

You are at the end of the 2nd month of pregnancy. Without you knowing, your baby is as big as raspberry and 1.27 cm in size. At this stage, you won’t be able to see your baby’s eyes but retina has started to form. You might be curious about your baby's gender but it is too soon for the doctor to detect it. Baby becomes a fetus. 

Fingers and toes developed

Baby fingers and toes are developed but still webbed. Even though it still webbed, your baby teeny fingers and toes are starting to differentiate and the tail is almost gone.  

(Fingers and toes are developed) 

Morning sickness

During this week, morning sickness may continue. This unsettled feeling may continue for a couple of months. If possible, stay hydrated at all times and try to eat healthy food. Preferably for mummies to find food that you can eat to stay energetic.  Keep going, mummies!

January 17, 2023 — Shapee Malaysia