Hi all mommies, do you have a sore back as your belly gets bigger and bigger? The stomach is so big that it makes mommies feel tired even though they only walk for a while. 

In fact, with the babies growing in the womb of the pregnant mothers, it makes the mothers’ belly become more and more heavy. Thus, many pregnant mothers will feel very uncomfortable on the waist and spine due to the gravity that pulls the baby bumps down, hence causing back pain and soreness.  

So,  are there any good ways to relieve this annoying situation?

For the pregnant mothers that confront this situation, mommies can choose a support belt that is specially designed for pregnant women to increase the waist support and relax the back muscles. 

So, do you need a belly support belt? What are the benefits of using it? How to choose the variety of belly support belts? I believe that many pregnant mothers will have these questions. So, this article will answer the questions which most mothers are curious about. For more information, let’s continue to read!

Is a belly support belt a necessity? What are the advantages of using it?

1. Support the weight of the baby bump

Belly support belts usually use elastic material, with appropriate force from the bottom to the top, reducing the discomfort of belly bearing down. At the same time, the belly support belt also helps to  balance the body, so that mommies will not easily lean forward.

2. Improve body posture, relieve back pain

After weight reduction and body balancing, the postures of the mommies will naturally be improved, so that muscles and bones of the waist and back will not have to bear with the unnecessary pressure. Therefore, waist and back pain, tail pain, hip pain and other conditions can naturally reduce a lot!

3. Reduce shaking and avoid pulling

With the growing of the belly, mommies’ movements will inevitably make the baby bump to have a little wobble. A  light movement is fine, however, if mommies accidentally make a big movement, they will likely experience the immediate pain of muscle strain and cramps. Utilizing elastic coating can stabilize the pregnancy belly, hence effectively decreasing the chances of mommies to experience pain.

How to choose a suitable belly support belt?

It is very important to choose a suitable belly support belt, which can be mainly considered from the following 5 points:

1. Material

The belly belt should be made of pure cotton, with good sweat absorption, air permeability and elasticity.  

2. Size

There are two main types of belly support belts which are adjustable and non-adjustable. The size of a pregnant mother's belly will also vary according to the number of weeks of pregnancy, so if mommies are going to buy the non- adjustable support belt, mommies need to choose belly straps according to their belly size.

3. Purchase principle

Try to choose an easy put on and easy take off belly band support belt. Besides that, mommies can also choose the support belts that are comfortable and do not have any pressure less.  

4. Quantity to buy

Mommies can buy belly support belts based on their needs. In general, most mommies will buy two pieces of belly support belt.

5. Price

Now there are many different brands of belly support belts available on the market. Pregnant mothers can choose according to their own preferences and buy their own belly support belt. The price of the support belt does not have to be high, buying the suitable belly support belt is the most important thing.  

Mommies are still thinking about which belly support belt to buy?

It comes with three colours: Beige, Black, Pink!

What are the advantages of Shapee Maternity Belly Support Wrap Plus+?

1. Comfortable, breathable and not stuffy

Considering that pregnant women's skin is more sensitive than normal people, Shapee uses a gentle skin-friendly fabric, which has good sweat absorption, air permeability and elasticity, making it comfortable and breathable for mommies to wear all day.

2. Adjustable length, easy put on & take off

Mommies are recommended to choose the belly support band that comes with a Velcro. So that the mothers can adjust the level of tightness of the support band.

3. The fabric has good elasticity and frees the back muscle

Shapee belly support belt holds the weight of the belly properly, but it extends along the shape of the baby bump perfectly, making it comfortable for the mommies. Shapee belly support belt can absolutely reduce the belly burden, so it is a good helper for the mothers to go out shopping.

In conclusion, a pregnant mother can choose a belly support belt according to their own body shape. A good quality belly support belt is the most important thing to consider. If mommies are not sure if the product is suitable, remember to check with the doctor before deciding whether or not to buy one.  

February 02, 2023 — Shapee Malaysia