As a new mother, there are many things to consider when it comes to postpartum care. One of the most important things is choosing the right type of nursing lingerie for your recovery period. Disposable maternity panties are an excellent choice for many reasons. In this article, we will explore the top 5 reasons why it’s recommended to use disposable maternity panties for your postpartum care in Malaysia:


  1. Convenient

    New mothers have a lot on their plate, disposable maternity panties provide a hassle-free solution as it is designed to be discarded after use, providing a more sanitary option than reusable underwear. It is also beneficial for those mothers who travel a lot as it is easy to bring on-the-go and can be convenient when switching undergarments.  


    1. Hygiene

      After giving birth, you will experience vaginal bleeding, also known as lochia. It's important to have a hygienic way to manage this bleeding. Postpartum bleeding in general can last up to six weeks, and it is important to keep the vaginal area clean to prevent infections. It is crucial as disposable postpartum underwear are designed with built-in pads that offer reliable protection and absorbency, reducing the risk of infection and odor.


      1. Cost-effective 

        For those mothers that are concerned about finances, disposable maternity underwear are a great substitute to regular maternity panties. Especially during the time when you have a newborn, expenses can add up quickly. Disposable underwear are affordably priced and often come in bulk packs, which can save new mothers money in the long run compared to traditional underwear and pads.


        1. Time Saving 

          Disposable postpartum underwear can give mothers more time for other activities such as taking care of their baby as well as adjusting to the new cycle stage of life. Disposable maternity panties can help save time, as they require no extra laundry or cleaning. Simply wear them and then dispense them at ease.


          1. Discreet and Safe

            Disposable maternity panties are designed to be discreet and comfortable. They have a slim profile that fits discreetly under your clothes, so you can wear them with confidence. They usually come in different sizes and styles, so you can find the right fit and level of comfort for your needs. 


            The Perfect Choice for Comfort & Worry-Free Living – Disposable Panties


            In Malaysia, there are many options for disposable maternity panties, including those made with organic materials and those with added features such as moisture-wicking technology. It is important for new mothers to choose the best maternity underwear that meets their individual needs.

            In conclusion, disposable maternity panties are an excellent choice for post birth care. They are convenient, hygienic, cost-effective, supportive, time-saving, and discreet. Be sure to check out Shapee’s undergarments, as they are the best maternity lingerie you can find for all your post-natal care. From nursing bras,  abdominal bands, and sanitary pads online. Do consider our Milkee Lab series as well for high quality and effective breast pumps. 
            May 31, 2023 — Ain Johari