Hamper Bloom

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Product Description

A mother may need a lot of confinement and nursing care products as much as a new baby needs. Treat a new mom with the best things after they bring a life into the world.

Here are what basic necessities a breastfeeding mother needs:

  1. Milk Storage Bag 5 Oz (25 pcs/box) x 3 boxes - To store their golden milk if they are blessed with a good supply of breast milk. Or, when they start working soon!
  2. Breast Therapy Thermal Pads (2 pieces/box) x1 box - To ease their breastfeeding challenge. Especially during the early day of childbirth, a mother will experience engorgement as it increases the blood supply to the breast to produce milk.
  3. Disposable Nursing Pads (30 pcs) x 2 boxes - Ideal for mom-on-the-go. As a backup when it is necessary to wear nursing pads while going out or working.


  • It is wrapped in a hamper (as per the picture).
  • The accessories (flower, teddy bear, basket) might be different due to the stocks in house. However, please rest assured that we will pack and wrap it nicely as per the image.
  • Notecard will be included (no extra charges). Please chat with us for the wish within 24 hours after the order is made.