Sleep Easy with the Best Overnight Sanitary & Maternity Pads in Malaysia

For those searching for quality and durable overnight sanitary pads and maternity pads in Malaysia, look no further than our online store at Shapee. 

During the phase of postpartum recovery, having the right products are essential for a stress-free recovery period. After the phase of giving birth, mothers usually undergo the process of discharging the uterus lining. This phase lasts several weeks after delivery and it can get quite heavy in the first few days. 

Our brand’s maternity pads are designed thicker and more absorbent than regular menstrual pads, this purpose is to provide better protection against stains and accidental leaks. Our pads are also softer included with more comfortable materials that will feel gentler on the skin. Our  multi layer protection technology also prevents and reduces the likelihood of infection.

Whether you're recovering from childbirth or simply looking for a reliable and comfortable menstrual pad, our top picks for the best maternity pads and overnight sanitary pads in Malaysia are sure to meet all of your needs.