Full Bodysuit Shaper

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Product Description

Full Bodysuit Shaper by Shapee
Full Bodysuit Shaper by Shapee
Full Bodysuit Shaper by Shapee

Step into slimming splendour! Take back your confidence with the shaping power of the Shapee Bodysuit Shaper. A bodysuit shaper with full-body coverage to the knee. Try our shaper and notice a difference. You will feel better about yourself as soon as you slip on it.

Wearing a corset may be uncomfortable for some women because:
❌There are visible bulges while wearing your favourite dress
❌Movement are restricted by the hard boning on each sides of the corset
❌Complexity of using the toilet
❌Pressure on the stomach
❌Uncomfortable material causing itchiness& irritation on your delicate skin
❌ Taking too long to wear & too many hooks

What you may like about Full Bodysuit shaper:

  • Reduces and supports the waist, hips, thighs and entire abdomen
  • Comfortable fit without aggressive hooks or wires
  • Adjustable & convertible straps can be worn in halter, cross back and classic style.
  • Wear your own bra feature to avoid breast compression while adding a mild push-up effect and improving posture
  • Ideal for long hour wearing up to 8 hours a day
  • Open crotch design to pee


❗ Before making your purchase, please of measure your body and use the size chart in the images to select your size.

It is recommended to choose your size instead of taking 1 size smaller.

❗ It is hard to squeeze at first, but once on it will do its job and feel that it’s already working.


1. Roll the shapewear, Wear it from your legs.
2. Gently pull the shapewear up to your body (P/S: You may need to twist your hips to make sure you are able to make it right to the target area)
3. Adjust if needed to make sure the part cover the target area



S SIZE | 24inch - 27inch | 29inch - 32inch

M SIZE | 28inch - 31inch | 33inch - 36inch

L SIZE | 32inch - 35inch | 37inch - 40inch

XL SIZE | 36inch - 39inch | 41inch - 44inch

MATERIAL: Nylon + Spandex

WHAT'S INSIDE THE BOX?: 1x Full Bodysuit Shaper + 2x Straps