Our shapewear helps to sculpt and slenderize the body and it is made by nylon & spandex, utilizing Japan’s special 3D weaving techniques to help achieve optimal results. Through the material’s elasticity & 3D weaving technique and movement of the body, it retains heat and creates a 3D micro massage effect on the body which in turn reduces cellulite and increase metabolism rate.
You are advised to wear the shapewear continuously for 8 to 12 weeks with min. 5 hours per day to see the difference. For best results, shapewear should be worn in conjunction with proper diet and exercise.
Unlike other shapers with stiff boning, metal or hard plastic that are uncomfortable or painful for long hours wearing, our shapewear does not have built in wires which makes it comfortable for long hours of wearing. You can even wear it to sleep! Other shapers may focus on shifting the extra bits to other parts of the body but our shapewear uses Japan's 3D weaving technique to achieve shaping, slimming, smoothing and lifting effects.
Our shapewear cannot be put through a washing machine cycle like your regular clothing. To prolong the life of the shapewear, hand wash it with a gentle detergent. If it is impossible for you to care for your garments this way, place your items in a 'lingerie bag' and wash them on a gentle/delicates cycle. Bleach is not recommended, as the products may be damaged in the process.

With our shapewear, you speed your recovery process by compressing the body. When the shapewear is worn consistently throughout the majority of each day, it holds your body in and together. This compression essentially trains your body to get back to its form. Our shapewear is also helpful in relieving the stress of muscles that are working hard to heal and encourag e the uterus to shrink back to its form more efficiently.

Our shapewear is also great for improving posture by supporting your back. This is especially helpful when you are often carrying a newborn, an infant carrier or a diaper bag. The shapewear encourages you to take care of your healing body and prevent back aches. For those that had swelling issues during pregnancy, it can speed up the healing process as well. No one should use shapewear for speedy recovery until after discussing it with a physician.