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Overnite Sanitary Panties Size
Disposable Ladies Cotton Panties Size
Belly Wrap Plus Size

Product Description

A mother may need a lot of confinement and nursing care products as much as a new baby need. Treat a new mom with the best things after they bring a life into the world.

Here is what basic necessities for a breastfeeding mother needs:

  1. Overnite Sanitary Panties (3pcs) x 3 packs - Ideal for working ladies, sleeping, exercising, postpartum mommies and teenager on period.
  2. Disposable Ladies Cotton Panties (4pcs) x 1 packs - Made of 100% cotton material designed to provide utmost comfort for mommies
  3. Belly Wrap Plus+ x 1 box - To help mommies lose inches fast so you can get back into your favorite pre-pregnancy outfits sooner!
  4. Hips Wrap Plus+(Free Size) x 1 box - Helps mommies to narrow your hips after delivery as soon as you are comfortable.


  • It is wrapped as a hamper (as per picture).
  • The accessories (flower, teddy bear, basket) might be different due to the stocks in house. However, please rest assure that we will pack and wrap it nicely as per image.
  • Note card will be included (no extra charges). Please chat with us for the wish within 24 hours after the order is made.