Milkee Lab Breast Pump 1.0 Tubing

RM MYR25.00

Product Description

*White connector is NOT INCLUDED in every purchase

Maximize your milk expression with SHAPEEMY Breast Pump Tubing, tailored for seamless compatibility with leading pumps. Crafted for repeated sterilization, this durable tubing ensures a hygienic pumping experience, essential for busy mothers. Enhance your pumping experience with SHAPEEMY Breast Pump Tubing, designed for durability and compatibility. With a lifespan of up to 6 months for key components, this tubing is sterilizable and fits various brands like Medela and Avent. Ideal for Lacfree pumps and more, it's a versatile choice for nursing mothers.

Lifespan for each accessory & parts:

✅ Valve: 2-4 months

✅ Flange Insert: 2-4 months

✅ Backflow protector: 3-6 months

✅ Valve base, Silicone shield & Collector cup casing: 6 months


Q: Can it be sterilize?

A: Yes, you may sterilize each parts except the White Connector. To prolong the expected lifespan, you may need to disassemble the product each time you sterilize. Make sure to wipe it clean to store.

Q: Is it compatible with my breast pump besides Lacfree Wearable Breast Pump?

A: Yes, it does. It's compatible with some of your favourite brands such as Medella, Avents & etc.


Q: Is it compatible with breastpump 2.0 version?

A: No