Shaping Tights

RM MYR30.00


Product Description

Experience the perfect blend of comfort and control with SHAPEEMY Shaping Tights. Designed for a medium control level, these tights offer graduated compression to sculpt from toes up. Ideal for everyday wear, they boast a lightweight fabric that enhances your silhouette without sacrificing comfort.
SHAPEEMY shaping tights for body contouring0SHAPEEMY shaping tights for body contouring2SHAPEEMY shaping tights for body contouring1
  • Fabulous and versatile shaping tights shape you from toes up with graduated compression.
  • Comfortable lightweight fabric provides a medium level of control.
  • Gorgeously soft fabric offers full leg coverage for a flawless leg look. Add fashionable flair to skirts and dresses.


1. Long hour wearing. 5-8 hours

2. Breathable material: Made of High-quality Nylon & spandex

3. increase blood circulation & metabolism for fat burning

4. Instant leg slimming & hips lifting

5. Gentle compression for an instant slimming & shaping effects on the hips, waist and tights

6. Second skin feeling

7. Snug fit without rolling off