Overnite Sanitary Panties (3pcs)

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Experience uninterrupted sleep with Overnite Sanitary Panties by Shapee, featuring 360° anti-leakage for optimal overnight protection. These 2-in-1 panties combine the convenience of a panty with the security of a pad, making them perfect for menstrual, postpartum, or incontinence needs. Designed for comfort and reliability, they are an essential for any woman seeking a worry-free night.

Stay comfy & Sleep Better with Overnite Sanitary Panties.

Stretching, jumping, twisting or grooving freely - No more side or back leakage. Feel more secure every hour, every minute. Ideal for working ladies, sleeping, exercising, postpartum mommies and teenager on period.

Do you experience any of these common problems each month?

❗ Layering bed with a towel every night - to avoid leakage, leaving stubborn bloodstain on the bed.

❗ Walk or sit uncomfortably - Pad easily shifting & need to adjust.

❗ Pad rashes - Due to friction while moving combined with extra moisture, wetness & heat causing extreme itchiness.

❗ Feel uncomfortable - Feel wet (damp) or moist due to heavy flow & the pad cannot absorb more flow. This leads to bacteria build-up causing a foul smell.

❗ Layering 2 pads at a time - avoid leakage on your cloth.

Designed with Dri-comfy technology & 360 fit design.

✅ Dri-Comfy Technology: Using multi-layering & lining with extra-long retention made of Japan Sumitomo SAP.

Japan Sumitomo SAP has an excellent capacity to absorb liquid & water retention. The top layer is made of cotton, which is gentle on the skin.

✅ 360 comfort fit design:

- Long absorbent core (400mm long & 10mm wide)

- 3D seamless design and elastic waist to fully fit your body shape.

- Fully enclosed side (Non-wing). Side enclosure is gentle on the skin & stay on the crotch to prevent side leakage.

✅ Panty-like fit: Wear as a regular panty. Combine panty and sanitary pad in one.

✅ Heavy flow. Able to absorb heavy flow period (first few days) & lochia (1st-2nd week after child-birth).

✅ Easy to tear off on each side & dispose.


1 pack contains 3 pieces

Material :

1. Top layer: Soft cotton layer

2. Middle: Japan Sumitomo SAP

3. Breathable & waterproof cloth-like back sheet

Notes/ Tips:

Although cesarean mommies can wear it, but you still need to monitor your wound frequently. Choose a bigger size so that it is not too tight for you and can stop wearing if you feel any discomfort.

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Overnite Sanitary Pants (3 pcs)

Dear NUR AMYLIA HIDAYAH ROZMAN, thank you for 5 start rate! See you soon on your next purchase with Shapee!


Easy to wear, high waist hence suitable for c-sec mom too

Lee Yunice

Service attitude is very good, everything is complete I am very satisfied with the product